Installation artworks, constructing a blend of physical and digital experiences

I am an installation artist, constructing empathetic studies (primarily suspensions in gum-strip paper) of contemporary working & domestic scenes and objects that open a lived space between self and world.

Domestic interiors are transformed into suspensions and reconstructed forms are integrated into perceptions or narrative reflections. The spatial qualities of the objects and their relations to fragments of furniture - kitchen sink, table or washing machine - intensify localities.

They form part of a process of remembrance, an extracting of the significant from the transitory and the ephemeral.

The assembled hangings are not merely the intervening space between fixed empirical or geometrical points. They signify the space constituted by renegotiating the relations between different positions within experience or between different forms of experience.

I use interactive digital elements such as QR codes and mobile apps to give people the choice of how they would like to experience my installations - in silence or with soundscapes and narration - and provide online access to videos and animations about my working processes and ideas.

Selection in pieces from my constructions series installation Vessels ,Sewing and Washing