Exhibition Electric Dreams art_house_life
 08 to 13 Aug 2017

Pictured: Detail from 'Electric Dreams'

Electric Dreams was an art_house_life exhibition for Ventnor Fringe 2017 featuring Jo Kori & albedo marz

Electric Dreams was an art_house_life exhibition for Ventnor Fringe 2017 featuring Jo Kori & albedo marz.

Joanna focussed on prints and prep drawings for her upcoming 2018 show 'Missing'



The following are a selection of comments made in the visitors book at the Electric Dreams exhibition at art_house_life from 08 Aug 2017.

  • Wow! Amazing
  • Beautiful art, stunning home
  • Couldn't decide what I like more, the house or the wonderful art!
  • Some of the most incredible art I have seen. The attention to detail is astounding. I constantly found myself getting closer and closer
  • Fab exhibition - great space, well laid out. Inspiring!
  • What an amazing exhibition, this house is welcming, warm. The variety of artwork is sensational
  • A lovely space and a thought provoking exhibition - inspiring
  • Fabulous! Really interesting, thank you
  • Very interesting conversations, great artwork
  • Wonderful art. House so well done to display the art, we love it all
  • Fab work, can't wait to see more art here
  • Fascinating the information behind the art, fabulous setting. Hope to see more events
  • Love the work, love the space!
  • Great show - look forward to seeing what you do next
  • Real inspiration! Thanks for your interesting comments
  • Lovely work, we really enjoyed our visit
  • Absolutely fabulous! I've learned a lot, thank you for sharing such a wonderful space
  • Fantastic work and work space here, a transformation!
  • Inspiring and very informative
  • Wow! And on the IoW...The works are amazing, well executed and hanging in a sublime space
  • Reallyenjoyed looking around. Would love to see anything else you do or arrange, please email
  • Lovely surprise, great part of the Fringe
  • Exciting show, love the collages, prints & paintings
  • The more you stand and look, the more you can see  and can make sense of!
  • Amazing, what a priviledge
  • Really good use of modern techniques to produce attractive art