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How long is my personal information kept?

Joanna Kori ( will keep your information only for as long as it is relevant and useful for the purpose for which it was originally collected.

If you close your account, your personal information (i.e. the information you gave us when you registered with any of Joanna Kori ( Digital Media Channels, such as your email address) will be deleted promptly which means that all other information we might hold about you (such as how you have used our Digital Media Channels for example) will be anonymised and we won't be able to recognise that data as yours or contact you about it. Please note if you do not want to continue to receive relevant targeted promotions on our products and services after you have closed your account, we recommend that you also delete any cookies set on your device(s). If you want more information on how to manage your cookies, our Cookies Policy can help.

Where we hold other information (resulting from, for example, submitted competition answers) we will keep this for the minimum amount of time necessary for the purposes of running the competition or other relevant purpose.

Please note that if your account in any of Joanna Kori ( Digital Media Channels appears to have not been used for 2 years, we may try and contact you to check whether it is still in use and/or we may delete it.