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What are our privacy principles?

Joanna Kori ( privacy principles in respect of how we collect, use and manages your personal information are summarised as follows:

When we ask for data it is to enable us to give something back.

  • Registering with Joanna Kori ( Digital Media Channels gives you access to a growing number of benefits, such as access to all our product and service promotions.
  • Asking for your name means we know how to talk to you. Knowing your date of birth helps us to give you better recommendations and knowing your gender helps us refine our communications with you.

We are clear on what data I hold and what I do with it.

  • In collecting and using your personal information, we will be clear about what we are doing and make sure that you understand the way in which we are using it. Also, we won't sell your information to anyone - ever! - NEVER EVER!

You control the data we hold on you.

  • If requested, we will delete your personal information securely and swiftly, and all the information we hold on your activity on Joanna Kori ( Digital Media Channels will be anonymised, so we won't know it's yours.
  • We will have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information from unauthorised access, and will only work with responsible organisations which are carefully chosen by Joanna Kori ( when handling your information.